What's Really Happening In Your Local Real Estate Market?

What's Really Happening In Your Local Real Estate Market?

Everywhere I go people are talking about the real estate market. Even in the news and other publications we read and hear that the real estate market is stable and then we hear somewhere else that it is “cooling”… What’s really most relevant is what is happening with homes similar to yours in our own area. As a full-time Realtor, I keep my finger on the pulse, constantly tracking the market in our neighborhood and throughout the Puget Sound area, wherever my clients need me. I am always happy to set up specific MLS searches and Infospark statistics “live links” for friends and clients. Here is an example, comparing 4 West Seattle/Burien area zip codes.

These are “live links” that will always update – save this blog and check back anytime. Hover over any point and you can see the month & corresponding data number. I can also provide these reports as bar charts, excel spreadsheets of numbers. I like the ease of the line charts – but happy to provide info in whatever way you prefer. There are 10 different reports which can compare 4 areas at a time. I am also happy to talk on the phone or meet with you in person so you can see all the options and set up your own custom market watch for your area.

West Seattle & Burien Real Estate Example Zip Codes – 98116, 98126, 98136, 98146

  1. Median Price: http://nwmls.stats.showingtime.com/infoserv/s-v1/Ytqs-sB3

  2. New Listings: http://nwmls.stats.showingtime.com/infoserv/s-v1/Ytqr-Xq6

  3. Homes For Sale: http://nwmls.stats.showingtime.com/infoserv/s-v1/YtqK-zxr

  4. Pending Sales: http://nwmls.stats.showingtime.com/infoserv/s-v1/Ytqa-ClS

  5. Closed Sales: http://nwmls.stats.showingtime.com/infoserv/s-v1/Ytq1-7et

  6. Days On Market: http://nwmls.stats.showingtime.com/infoserv/s-v1/YtqJ-38h

  7. Months Supply: http://nwmls.stats.showingtime.com/infoserv/s-v1/YtqU-bS4

  8. Percent of List Price (Median): http://nwmls.stats.showingtime.com/infoserv/s-v1/Ytq6-EJ1                   

  9. Price per square foot: http://nwmls.stats.showingtime.com/infoserv/s-v1/Ytqx-jy9

  10. Dollar Volume: http://nwmls.stats.showingtime.com/infoserv/s-v1/YtqI-RuH


Homes for sale: Seattle, King County, Snohomish Couny, Pierce County. http://nwmls.stats.showingtime.com/infoserv/s-v1/Yt3B-YbE

In addition to the Infosparks, there are many other reports I can run and share with you. For example, the Realist Report is usually around 20 pages and filled with lots of stats, demographics, property and comparable property information. Another report I always provide for every Buyer and Seller is the Map & CMA Reports, along with a link to all the photos and information online. This is important to anyone considering buying or selling real estate so that you can see for yourself the similarities, differences, and value of properties. As your real estate professional, I am happy to share my expertise to explain this information as it pertains to your home or a home you are considering purchasing.

Call, text, or email today for more information and please share this with anyone you know looking to buy, sell, or just gain more information about real estate anywhere in the Puget Sound area.

Thank you, Jennifer Suemnicht - Jen’s Realty - RE/MAX Metro Realty, Inc.

WS Median Sales Price.jpg

This image is an example comparing 4 zip codes in West Seattle & Burien over a 5 year period. Click the links above. When you hover over any point, you can see the numbers monthly. These reports can be run in so many different ways. Contact me directly for your own custom reports and live links.

98136 Realist 2.jpg


I am happy to provide custom reports for your neighborhood.

Just ask me! ~ Jen

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